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Practical Life

8 tips for living well in confinement

That’s it, the Coronavirus has hit hard: until further notice, it is strictly forbidden to travel (except in exceptional circumstances) and we must all, in France as in other countries, stay at home and wait patiently for past the wave. Here’s how to best deal with it.

Staying confined will not be easy for some people those who live in small homes, those who have a large family, those who already feel alone and need a social connection… Unfortunately, The list is long and confinement decreed by the State will become an ordeal for many of us.

However, this health measure is an opportunity to get out of routine, to change your habits to implement a new way of life, a new art of living. And if staying at home doesn’t appeal to backpackers, homebodies know that you can survive, provided you organize yourself well.

1. Open up to other media

Television channels and websites will benefit from this exceptional audience. Screens are indeed a favorite activity among all age groups. What if you took the opportunity to discover new channels accessible in your box? Like travel channels, ideal for escaping while stuck at home, or even documentary channels, for culture without moving too much. On Canal +, the programs are unencrypted and therefore accessible to everyone during confinement. If you prefer podcasts, go to Majelan, currently free.

2. Get moving at home

Of course, it’s not easy to do sports at home when you live in a studio. But it is nevertheless possible to practice exercises, every day, which will not only keep you busy but above all keep you in shape. It’s good for the body but it’s also excellent for morale. So, take out your mat and your jogging pants, and get your body moving!

3. Get it delivered

The temptation is great to go do some more shopping at the supermarket, just to maintain social ties. But you risk becoming disillusioned when you see the long queue in front of the store doors. To avoid this, opt for home delivery, now offered by most supermarkets. Do your shopping online, validate your basket, and wait quietly for the delivery person. This will cost you a few euros more, but you will therefore fully respect the confinement instructions. The same thing for food: take advantage of applications like Deliveroo or UberEats to order from your favorite restaurant which is still working. Moreover, at UberEats, delivery costs are free for lunch, until March 31.

4. Rediscover board games

Since your children are at home, get off the screens and get together for some wild games of smart, friendly games! The good times are yours in front of Monopoly, Good Pay, or a simple naval battle. You can even design your games: you will be busy making them, and then testing them!

5. Take care of your interior

Winter is coming to an end, so it’s time for a big spring cleaning. Here again, get the whole family involved, and if you clean properly, it will take you a day to clean every corner of your home. Amid a health crisis, it can’t hurt. Also take the opportunity to carry out small repairs, paint touch-ups, and other DIY projects yourself (provided you already have the necessary equipment).

6. Finally some time just for you

Staying confined also means braving boredom. So take advantage of these moments free from any occupation to do (finally) what you always put off until tomorrow: open a good book, learn a language or a musical instrument, start meditating … By embarking on an exciting activity that has been wanting for a long time, you will regret that the days are only 24 hours long.

7. Maintain a social connection

In confinement, the most difficult thing is probably the distance from friends or family, and the feeling of isolation that results from it. People alone at home are the most affected. Preserving social connections at a distance is therefore essential. To do this, take advantage of the technology at your disposal: create a WhatsApp group with friends or colleagues, communicate regularly by webcam with your family (via Skype, for example), or even organize online games, on specialized websites, like tarot games.

8. Catch up on the news

Being informed is good, but maintaining your stress by staying connected to the news is not a good idea. Avoid leaving the TV tuned to news channels, switch to a happier channel, and bring a little good humor into your home. Try to live normally without focusing on this anxiety-provoking event. Psychologists speak of “infobesity”, to designate this overdose of news. Don’t let yourself be trapped and clear your head by devoting yourself to more enjoyable activities.

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