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Practical Life

8 ways to start a Sunday off right

Sunday is a very special day, an ideal time to get together. However, it is very easy to let this time slip through your fingers. To make the most of it, it is essential to start your day in the right way. Sports routine, well-being, or family time, everyone has their program for a day of rest like no other.

What if Sunday was the best day of the week? In any case, he could become one. Because it’s the ideal time to finally achieve all the things that we want but which we are deprived of on other days due to lack of time. Relaxation, detox morning, creation, there’s a Sunday routine for everyone.

1.  A time to find yourself

It’s now or never! Sunday morning is the perfect day to get together. So we start it off on the right foot by turning off the computer and phone. We then prepare a good breakfast while remaining attentive to our eating sensations and our physical needs. The time for a moment of introspection. Write down your feelings of the week on paper, and meditate to reconnect with yourself, each with its method. We will eventually end this routine with a silent walk in nature.

2. A morning to cultivate yourself

It’s not always easy to find time to cultivate yourself during the week. We then put together a studious program for the weekend. Progress in your reading, whether novels or articles, listen to a podcast, follow a tutorial on YouTube start a MOOC, or watch a great cinema classic, there is no shortage of resources accessible at any time or almost.

3. A detox Sunday

After a gourmet and/or drunken Saturday evening, it’s time for a detox Sunday morning. It starts with breakfast where you treat yourself to herbal tea, green tea, or a homemade smoothie to gently get your body going. We then take a moment to do sports outside or at home. We can then go for a few laps in the swimming pool and follow up with a sauna. We finish gently by treating ourselves to home treatments for the body and face.

4. A moment to release the stress of the week

After a trying week, it’s time to regain your serenity. We start with a meditation session which will take us away from our toxic thoughts and help us focus on the present moment. We prepare a comforting breakfast with hot chocolate, fresh fruit, and/or pastries. Yoga, meditative walking endurance sport, and physical activity will then help reduce nervous tension. Finally, treat yourself to a massage or a bath with relaxing essential oils.

5. A moment of sharing with family

If during the week everyone goes about their business, the weekend is the ideal time to get together. We choose to gather at the breakfast table where everyone can report on their week. We then continue with a family activity. Go to the market, stay at home for a creative workshop, and play board games, we vary the pleasures each week and we make this moment an unmissable event for the whole family.

6. An excuse to break the routine

How easy it is to fall into a somewhat monotonous routine on the weekend! We then inject a little freshness into our daily lives by starting the day with an unexpected exotic breakfast or by opting for brunch. We continue by testing a new activity, not necessarily crazy, just different from what we are used to doing. Classic but effective, we go for example to a new park or an unknown museum. Disorienting!

7. A day to unleash your creativity

With a smartphone in hand to shoot a video or take a photo, a piece of paper to write a poem, and a few pencils to draw, from the early hours of Sunday, we release the artist within us. We start by listing our ideas, we then take a look at works that inspire us, we prepare our materials and we embark on a morning dedicated to creativity.

8. Prepare your week

There’s nothing better to start your week peacefully than to prepare it quietly in advance on Sunday morning. However, there is no question of only focusing on boring tasks. On the contrary, we write down our intentions for the wee and our most pleasant desires. What outfit to wear on a given day, what state of mind to adopt, what goals to achieve… If necessary, use a vision board to help you start your week full of enthusiasm.

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