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Earrings choosing and wearing them

To attract attention and highlight their charm, women can use many tricks. Some of them opt for colorful makeup or a trendy hairstyle, while others favor wearing quality jewelry, whether necklaces, bracelets, rings, piercings or earrings. ears.

These come in a wide choice of varied models and allow you to obtain different looks depending on the colors and styles selected. Two questions arise: how to choose them and how to wear them? Follow the guide, we give you some tips on how to wear your earrings and we present to you some favorite models to discover this year!

A wide choice of styles and materials

Gold steel hoop earrings, earrings adorned with pearls or pendants set with brightly colored fine stones: what type of jewelry should you choose to enhance your beauty? If you look carefully, you quickly realize that there are an infinite number of classic, modern, fancy or old models. Here are some examples of jewelry to adopt this year and some gift ideas for your future purchases!

Do you like classic and timeless style? Opt for hoop earrings! These round or more complex shaped rings are reinvented every year while remaining sure values ​​in terms of style. Whether they are stainless steel, gold plated or silver metal, hoop earrings can be combined with all types of clothing. This can range from everyday casual outfits to elegant dresses that are worn for a wedding or other important occasion. Among the timeless trends, you can also choose stud earrings adorned with mother-of-pearl cultured pearls, a cabochon or a fine or precious cut stone: emerald, zirconium oxide, ruby, topaz…

Sleepers and small drop earrings adorned with fine stones are also among the most popular accessories of the moment. Often chosen for their meaning and for the energies they release, stones also bring a lot of color to the appearance by highlighting an outfit or makeup. Depending on your tastes and preferences, you can, for example, choose a model decorated with round chalcedony, purple amethyst, rose quartz or dark red garnet. Unless you prefer the blue or two-tone hues of lapis lazuli or the intense black of onyx? Many stones can adorn earrings: agate, amazonite, apatite, aventurine, labradorite, malachite, peridot, rhodolite, spinel…

You have undoubtedly noticed the success of XXL jewelry. Many women have indeed decided to wear these imposing accessories which have become very fashionable in recent years. From the retro clip in shimmering colors to the large oval hoop earrings in hammered steel, including the pendants adorned with rhinestones and tassels, the models are countless and bring a touch that is both feminine and daring to your look.

Another favorite of the moment: natural or eco-responsible materials. Here again, the choice is vast: mini wooden hoop earrings, drop earrings with heart-shaped and shell motifs, studs or small sleepers combining leather and silver plated…

In order to elegantly enhance your style, it is essential to take into account certain criteria such as the shape of your face or the color of your skin. If the latter is matte, we advise you, for example, to opt for a warm color such as gold metal or red shades.

Where to find beautiful earrings?

Do you appreciate eco-responsible jewelry designed with pretty materials? Looking for an affordable earrings venue for a big event? The Nune workshop offers you different ranges of leather earrings to select according to your tastes in terms of patterns and colors. Discover the many models available on the online store with collections bringing together leather jewelry, but also other materials such as silver plated, fine gold-plated brass or bronze.

Make your choice and select the materials, shapes and colors that suit you: chic colored leather hoop earrings, feather-shaped earrings, flashy colored studs, and much more! Who knows, maybe a crush awaits you on the Nune online store!

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