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French Riviera the most beautiful cities to visit on the French Riviera

Wonderful in summer, fascinating in winter. The cities of the French Riviera are the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. Also reachable from Italy via the Ligurian Riviera, the portion of French land develops on the northern side of the Mediterranean coast. From the “capital” Nice to Cannes, from Menton to Saint-Tropez there are various places rich in culture, art and attractions to visit. 

Aristocratic residence and tourist destination

Today the French Riviera is among the favorite destinations during the spring and summer periods; but it wasn’t always like this. Until the First World War, the Riviera was mainly occupied in winter by the bourgeois and aristocratic class who, from the north of France, moved south to escape the colder temperatures. The presence of the sea guaranteed natural benefits for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis, which was very widespread at the time. situation changed after the end of the second war when, in full economic boom, the southern French coast became the main attraction of the neighboring countries and, subsequently, also a popular destination for US citizens influenced by the frequenting of actresses such as Grace Kelly, who used to spend her own holidays in La Gilette.

Nizza between the Belle Epoque and the Promenade Des Anglais

The largest city on the Riviera is Nice, particularly loved for possessing treasures dating back to the Belle Epoque, including the imposing Palace of the Queen, the Château Masséna high school and the Opera House. However, the most visited place of all is the Promenade des Anglais (known in Italy as the “Walk of the English”), located on the seafront that runs along the Bay of Angels. A point of reference for joggers, the Promenade hosts several museums, clubs, entertainment spaces and luxury structures such as the famous Hotel Le Negresco, a building which can boast a wonderful view of the beach.

The worldliness of Saint-Tropez and Cannes

Luxury lovers have always chosen two locations just 80 km away from each other: Cannes and Saint-Tropez. The former hosts the international film festival of the same name every spring, today considered the most important sector event at European level. In this case the most popular destination is La Croisette , which runs along the city’s coast and is dotted with exclusive clubs, shops and luxury restaurants. second, however, to date, is the summer city par excellence for the wealthier clientele, thanks to the crystal clear water and an offer suited to the reference tourist target. Saint-Tropez also stands out from other towns for its Provençal style and for its traditional architecture, but full of different colours. The most popular hotel is the Hôtel de Paris, located in the heart of the center on Place de la Gendarmerie.

Menton the pearl of the French Riviera

Among the most characteristic centers is Cap D’Antibes, a location appreciated for its lovely tourist port and for its architecture which unfolds among alleys, artisan shops and small squares. Offering a breathtaking view is Juan Le Pins, an elegant beach flanked by restaurants, cocktail bars, night clubs and trendy clubs. However, those who want to live an experience far from chaos and worldliness can only go to Menton, a green lung a stone’s throw from Ventimiglia: a magical place where the sandy beaches meet the Serre de La Madone gardens, an enchanting villa where it is possible to observe rare plants. Finally, the historic center on the hill is also delightful, where the medieval Basilica of San Michele stands out, enriched by a bell tower built in the 18th century.

Here it is possible to visit the Jean Cocteau Museum, an important museum space dedicated to the French artist and inaugurated in 2011 where more than 1,800 pieces by the poet and essayist are exhibited, as well as various exhibitions of contemporary art.

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