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Virtual reality game comes

Following the announcement that Doom-creator John Carmack has joined the Oculus Rift team, a new demo named the HydraDeck has given gamers hoping for immersive FPS games even more to be happy about.

Many commentators believe that the Rift might be the first product that will allow virtual reality gaming to become a reality for consumers. The decision to offer the hardware to developers has been key in this, as a steady stream of game demos has kept public interest in the project high.

One of the most recent creations for the Rift is a demo for a first person shooter called HydraDeck. A cover-shooter title in the style of Time Crisis, the game’s developer says that the experience is so immersive that he’s issued a warning to warn users not to try and lean on ingame objects:

“Please be careful when playing this demo, lots of people try to support themselves on the crates when they try to stand up or when leaning up against a column, but find there is nothing there!

HydraDeck pairs the Oculus Rift with a pair of Razor Hydra motion controllers (one strapped to the chest, one held in the hand) to track the player’s movements.

“This allows you to take cover behind columns and duck behind boxes to avoid the incoming enemy fire,” says Teddy Lipowitz, the Australian developer behind the HydraDeck. “The enemies are robots with plasma rifles who lay down some serious suppressing fire.

 “To survive, you’ll need to pop up from behind cover and take your shots, or blind fire around corners and hope to hit them.”

See below for a video of HydraDeck in action:

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