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Return to fashion for the 80s look how to adopt it

The rather extravagant clothing styles of the 80s are coming back to the forefront. Between the pronounced shoulder pads, bright colors and shiny fabrics, the trends of the moment are definitely an ode to this period of carelessness and freedom. Here are our fashion tips for achieving a perfect eighties look!

Adopt the 80s clothing style

When it comes to fashion, the 1980s remind us of iconic figures such as Lady Diana , Madonna and Cindy Lauper . We remember their jackets with clearly visible shoulder pads, their dresses with puffed sleeves that did not go unnoticed and their high-waisted mom jeans, among others. Shimmering colors and geometric patterns were also in the spotlight, as were sparkling fabrics .

To adopt an 80s clothing style while remaining fashionable, opt for trendy pieces, but strongly inspired by this era. You have the choice between grunge , boho-chic and punk depending on your personality and tastes. Among the must-haves, we can suggest the jacket with shoulder pads , the wide pants , the fluorescent leggings , the kway , the jogging pants , the oversized t-shirt , the bomber and the blazer dress also with shoulder pads.

To balance it out, take a piece from the 80s and pair it with other modern elements. For example, you can wear your very eighties patent leather shoulder pad jacket with a clean white top and skinny jeans. High-waisted wide-leg pants will go very well with a modern crop top. If the centerpiece of your 80s look is a geometric patterned dress, a pair of minimalist white sneakers will counterbalance its very vintage side. It’s all about harmony so that your retro outfits are up to date!

Eighties makeup and hairstyle

It must be said that discretion is not the strong point of the 80s look! Flashy colors are not limited to clothes, we also adopt them for makeup! Nude colors have no place in this retro style! We focus on doe eyes well defined by black eyeliner and thick mascara . Moreover, to stimulate the growth of your eyelashes, we advise you to use a RevitaLash serum . This way, you won’t have to use too much mascara or wear extensions to create the eighties look of your dreams.

Furthermore, even though foundation and contouring were not popular in those years, women did not skimp on red or pink lipstick and blush , sometimes in shades of orange. For eye shadows, choose blue and light gray for a minimum of discretion. Dare to wear pink, yellow and green if you don’t like to do things by halves. In terms of hairstyle, cuts from the 80s are also making a comeback, including the mullet, the bowl cut as well as voluminous and structured cuts .

How to accessorize an 80s look?

A look isn’t complete without the right accessories. Additionally, accessories were a key part of 1980s outfits . High-waisted skirts and pants should be worn with a statement belt. You will have understood, you must choose a wide and colorful belt, with a decorative buckle or metal details. Don’t forget large sunglasses, with thick frames and tinted lenses in original colors. And when the sun isn’t strong enough, don’t hesitate to rock them in your hair to sport a style that is both casual and elegant.

For jewelry, the ’80s were a time for bold, statement pieces. The flashier and brighter it was, the better! Opt for dangling earrings , chunky necklaces and signet rings . Don’t be afraid to wear chunky, shimmering jewelry to add a touch of retro glamor to your outfit. Also dare to use extravagant shapes to stand out. Why not earrings in the shape of audio cassettes or a large pendant in the shape of a guitar? It’s time to give free rein to your creativity to bring out your uniqueness!

Colorful plastic accessories, whether jewelry or bags, were also common in the 80s. Likewise, fancy hairpins were the must-haves of women’s hairstyles of the time. Say goodbye to small, discreet metal clips. Instead, opt for pins decorated with pearls, rhinestones or fun designs like hearts or stars. Finally, printed scarves will add an extra authentic touch to your 80s-inspired look . It’s the perfect accessory for a chic eighties look .

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