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Spring rediscovers the timeless brightness of satin

 Nights in white satin / never reaching the end ”, sang Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues in 1968, already enchanted by the hypnotic nuances of this extraordinary material: but even today, the luminous reverberations of  satin  continue to inspire stylists, expressing themselves at their best in airy skirts and dresses with immortal elegance. In a season that rediscovers brightness, with continuous use of gold, mercury and metallics of all kinds, satin seems destined to establish itself among the protagonist fabrics and materials of Spring Summer.

Quiet Luxury Style satin skirts and dresses symbol of timeless elegance

What are the reasons for the new love for this iridescent fabric? A brief analysis is enough to highlight how satin harmonizes perfectly with the seasonal trends. The Spring Summer imperative  is in fact effortless chic , i.e. the search for an elegance that appears as natural, spontaneous and casual as possible, almost as if wanting to recreate a certain Renaissance ” sprezzatura “. So, goodbye to  rigidly structured baroque outfits  trends orbit around the recovery of  immortal classics that know how to express style without compromising the  comfort  of the wearer.

 aesthetic program finds its natural expression in satin. This extremely soft fabric , which adheres to the skin without tightening it, elegantly embroidering the contours of the body, does not in any way hinder the fluidity of bodily movement, enriching it with its supple dynamisms . Its iridescent reflections seem capable of giving even the simplest dress an enchanting complexity , while the softness that the fabric presents to the touch evokes a  delicate sensuality .

Morphology of a material satin between kino suggestions  and nineties nostalgia

A cornerstone of 90s women’s fashion , satin owes its timeless evergreen status to its exceptional versatility. From midi dresses to maxi dresses , from asymmetrical to crossover models , satin adapts to every shape and style, as do skirts : tight-fitting to wrap around the hips or with a more fluid fit, they match with flowing shirts, t-shirts and are completed with sneakers or flat ballerinas for a casual-chic style. In the evening ensembles they find maximum realization in combination with coordinated tops with a satin finish , elegant blazers and refined slingbacks , another trend that is very popular.

The V-neck slip dress is in fact one of the icons of the 90s: the muses  Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Carolyn Bessette, Courtney Love popularized it to the masses, wearing it night and day: with a white t-shirt or on bare skin, the The ethereal whiteness of satin transforms divas into Disney princesses, creating that magical ambiguity between elegance and pop , innocence and mischief which constitutes one of the great attractions of the decade.

But then, the Italian cinema of the early 1960s had already captured the enchantment of those nuances: particularly memorable is the portrait that Robert Capa took of  Ava Gardner on the set of  The Barefoot Countess , while the actress flutters in a gypsy dance with a chocolate-colored satin midi skirt, combined with a lemon choker. It is the era in which Italy renounces the constraints of moralism, in which we discover – without false modesty – the eroticism of female legs, of the foot, of the transparent t-shirt that reveals the nipple and satin manages to give rebellious sensuality of the brazen aristocrat an aura of impalpable class. 

The versatility of satin on the catwalk, between classicism and contemporary baroque

Satin is a material that presents a notable perceptive complexity, and stands out best on simple dresses, to which it gives an unmistakable neoclassical preciousness . And it is this timeless charm that has seduced contemporary stylists: while Saint Laurent ‘s dresses and skirts stand out above all for their simplicity and formal cleanliness, Isabel Marant emphasizes the subtle eroticism of satin with deep vertical necklines. More playful is Givenchy’s approach , which exploits the decorative potential of small decorative touches of lace, in a bewitching dialectic between simplicity and complexity.

who transports the shine of the fabric into the fairy-tale setting of the  nymphaeum . Through delicate harmonies made of brocades, satin strips, pearls and ribbons, satin evokes the fascinating mutability of the  natural world , in its swirling phantasmagoria of petal corollas, stems, foliage, ivy tangles. The asymmetries and disharmonies that the designer expertly distributes in the dresses and skirts are harmonized by the natural sinuosity of the satin, in an elegant rereading of the rococo aesthetic with references to Velázquez’s princesses.

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